Monday, October 31, 2016

Three years later, not too late, I hope.

The white elephant will not remain white forever. With a little human touch, it is ready to be something useful once again. No more inches of dust concealing the beauty of what lies beneath.

I had a sudden urge to write today, of all days, on Halloween. It's purely a coincidence. When I began to scroll down my previous posts of yesteryears, I figured I have changed to some extent. I am no longer an open book, willing to share all of my thoughts and cracking jokes does not come as easy anymore. Getting older slows down the train of thought. That is highly probable. There's one excuse of my absence from this blog for three years. No matter, I will try my best to update as and when I thought of something interesting.

Empty promises, I hope not. ;)

The past three years have been an eventful journey with eye-opening experiences, trying out new things and going to places. Every moment is a treasure. I learn to be more appreciative towards things that do not really matter in the past; socially mostly as quality time spent with family getting scarce - true for most people I know who leave home to pursue education and career to widen their horizon in the greener part of the world. Most importantly, everyone is willing to make the effort for reunions in my case, such as going for long haul trips together. Well, that's something not everyone has the opportunity to do so and I am grateful for it.

At the mention of travel, I get all excited at the idea of experiencing a different climate and culture. The language barrier can be intimidating but the former two triumphed. Been to a few cities in China and Hong Kong. Next destination, Taiwan!

Just look at that. Takes my breath away even before I step foot there. *dreamy eyes*
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