Monday, February 28, 2011

Hokkien Char

Had dinner with Kah Men yesterday evening just below her flat. I ordered something which I have never tried before.

Hokkien Char. Check it out.

With two large prawns.

What did I think about the meal? I think it was just okay and not to the point that I would say yummy.

Close-up picture

It's RM3.50 per plate. After 2 months of staying in Penang, I found out that the food here tasted good generally and I have yet to taste horrible food. Thank God for good food!

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Unknown said...

too much dark soya sauce but no matter how it looks like the taste of the food is most important. Sometimes too much sauce makes the food bitter but I do not know about this. I've always love to drop by here to see your big big pictures. Every pictures you posted looks nice because of the pictures size.