Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Sunset

This morning, I woke up and saw a note from Ju Dee on my laptop.

Fiona, let's go to the beach after work!! Meet you in the cafe la.. We eat there then we go beach lepak =)... can save money

I went to work as usual, looking forward to go to the beach after work but something bad happened to my poor slippers. The left one broke. Thank God there was a shop nearby that sells slippers and other tourist items. I got myself a pair of lousy slippers for the price of RM10. Super expensive! Now the soles are balding (botak, if you know what I mean) after a mere 20 minutes of walk. I miss my white rubbery slippers! I am definitely going to get a better pair for a cheaper price from the night market on Tuesday when I am back in Ipoh.

Work was as usual at the spa. I love printing out the bills and updating the guests' details. I don't think I will ever get bored of doing this job. :)

Had some rice with some green gravy and green vege. I don't like the combination today. Fortunately there was chicken porridge which I had for dinner.

6pm came by so soon and it's time for the beach!

Isn't this picture artistic? I love how the colours blend in nicely together.

The sun looked very huge today.

So many people para-sailing! RM60 for two. Interested? Come to the beach outside Golden Sands Resort and you can try this.

I will never para-sail because of my fear of heights. Scary indeed!

Lookie! My feet are gone! Can you spot two bunnies on the sand? They are the CNY mascot lost in Penang.

Ju Dee is not Ju Dee without a camera so the camera was with her and she snapped some photos with me.

Her white gold necklace revealed! Can I steal it, Ju Dee? Kakakaka!!! (Sorry, inside joke. Hehe!)

A stranger helped us with this photo. Didn't know he stood so far away to snap. Our faces looked so tiny!

Pretending to be looking forlorn. My hair was still tied up in a bun.

Suntanning the legs

The moment that we had been waiting for finally arrived! The ham dan wong (salted egg yolk a.k.a. the sun) was going to set!

Gorgeous. This is the best part of Penang. The Sunset.

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