Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sun-bathing or wind-bathing?

My schedule for the first two weeks of February is finally out! Here it is:

1 Feb (Tue): 3-11pm
2 Feb (Wed): 3-11pm
3 Feb (Thu): 10-6pm
4 Feb (Fri): 10-6pm
5 Feb (Sat): 10-6pm
6 Feb (Sun): 10-6pm
7 Feb (Mon): DAY OFF
8 Feb (Tue): Public Holiday
9 Feb (Wed): Public Holiday
10 Feb (Thu): Public Holiday
11 Feb (Fri): 10-6pm
12 Feb (Sat): 3-11pm
13 Feb (Sun): 3-11pm
14 Feb (Mon): 3-11pm
15 Feb (Tue): DAY OFF

I finally bought VeGood! I left it in the car when I first came here. It's tasty out of the fridge too!

Yesterday morning, I saw a spectacular sight. There are so many people sun-bathing by the pool. It was not sunny at all. I wonder why they do that. Maybe wind-bathing?

Feel like going for a swim again but going alone is such a bore.

Bought 2 packets of bihun for breakfast and lunch for only RM2. I thought I will use a lot of money here but I actually save more. Thanks to all the meals at the hotel, 6 days a week. For this week, I am working for seven days so I save even more. :D

1 wrote a note:

Anonymous said...

A cooling cheerful day
on February 1, 2011

Happy day today. Rained whole day last night with Mr Thunder and Mr Lightning monitoring the sky and when the clock strikes 12... a very special moment happened:

Once upon a time in the year 1988
The day that God gave me a very precious gift
I got this little baby girl,
Blessed me many years through until today...

Year after year seems to pass by so quickly, zoom...zoom... and
from a tiny little baby girl in my arms
Have now grown into a young adult

As today is your Birthday
I wish the very best for you
Life to be filled with happiness, peace and joy
And countless love from me, I wish all your dreams come true

Today on this date, February 1, 2011
you are no more a little girl you used to be,
But deep in my heart, you will always be
The very special gift God gave me, You are you whom I will always love

Sending you this Birthday wishes all the way from across the South China Sea to the place where you are now.

Remember although today there may not be any celebration or Birthday surprises for you,
But to me here your Birthday is celebrated with lots of love and hugs from me...

Your Birthday gifts will reach you very soon.


Love you so very much,