Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to training life

I am now back in Penang. Time flies. I miss Ipoh but I will be back real soon. :)

Two days ago (this sounds so long ago), my neighbour's daughter acted as a model. She was very good at posing.

Shot number 1.

She used the gate as her prop. Hahaha!

Shot number 2

Crystle is having a new habit of eating CNY cookies every day.

This was what she had today.

Some prawn crackers and her favourite kuih bangkit.

I just received a phone call from mom saying that Crystle is missing. I wonder where she is right now. I hope she is safe right now. Wherever she may be, I hope she will remember to come back home.

Melanie made me a video for my birthday. I feel really touched although I don't get to eat the cake.

The video

P.S. Mom, I promise that I will concentrate at work even after hearing about Crystle's disappearance. Just leave everything in God's hands. With this in mind, we do not have to worry anymore.

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