Friday, February 04, 2011

Bai Nian on the 14th floor

Second day of 兔 Year is almost over. Went to the 14th floor and visited Bernice and Ai Wern. Just came back not too long ago. We watched tv there and ate some biscuits. Wow, I could feel the CNY a little bit by doing some visiting. Hehehehe!!!

Today was a busy day at the spa because people kept coming in to make reservations but we were fully booked and they had to be turned away. I pitied them but there was nothing I could do since there wasn't any slot available for today and tomorrow. Every time I told them I would put them in the waiting list (when in fact what I did was to put them in the turn away list) I felt I was cheating them, giving them false hope. But some lucky ones (maybe one or two) really got called up after a cancellation by other guests. Good for them, but that does not happen every day.

I came back from work and hand-washed my clothes. It's pretty fun to clean your clothes with your own hands.

Benefits of hand-washed clothes:
  • No more crumpled clothes
  • Clothes last longer
  • The smell of softener sticks to the clothes
  • Stain on the clothes can be gotten rid immediately

See? So many advantages. Hahaha!!! Tomorrow is my second last day of work before I return to Ipoh for Gong Xi Fa Cai. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

A boring day:
February 4, 2011

Nothing much happened today. Just visited the salvation and have lunch with them but after that I came home feeling tired and everywhere straining.

Tonight had Ginger Chicken and mix vege with dried vege soup for dinner. Home alone. Reminds me of the show Home Alone 1, 2 and so on.

Will pack soon but what to pack? Actually I do not have to pack anything just get the present and some vitamins and can go to the airport already. Hope I can wake up on time tomorrow as I am so used to waking up quite late nowadays. If I don't then... ooo ooo will have to go back by ship as all the flights are fully booked tomorrow and day after tomorrow. If I go back by ship I think it will take five days to reach Port Klang. By that time my whole body could hardly move and will walk senget.

Okei.. got to go and oii oii.... da and till another time. I guess the next time I comment will be monday but oops there may not be any post for me to leave a comment.

written by me on a night with lots of mosquitos..