Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook!

A few days ago, I came home and while passing by the 'depoh sampah' where all the residents throw their rubbish, I saw a sight that I have never seen before. There were many cats sitting on top of the huge garbage cans staring at me as I looked at them. So now I know where the cats live and survive on. They have garbage cans as their homes and the garbage as their daily staple.

I have been playing Treasure Madness for almost the whole of last year but recently I got tired of the never ending of digging for treasures. I have a new found interest now. It's the classic Monopoly designed to be played alone.

The game is fairly simple. Each Facebook account holder has his/her very own Monopoly board where they build and upgrade houses. To upgrade a house, one must roll on the boards of their friends to get property cards. When a certain group colour has sufficient number of property cards, you can upgrade a house of that colour.

This is my board. It is very difficult to build a hotel because I need friends to help me with it.

The moment when I landed in jail.

To get out of jail, I need to get doubles at the first roll. If not, I have to wait for 3 minutes before I can be free. Being the impatient me, I will simply hop to other friends' boards and keep rolling in search for property cards and money. :)


There is a new posting in Petfinder. Let's get to know her closer.

Meet Girl Girl.

Looking so sweet in her pink collar with a bell.

She loves to play too!

Will you adopt me? I will be a very good companion.

Temporary Fosterer:


Age:2 Months
Color:Brown, Cream, White
Size at Maturity:Small
Hair Length:Short
Health Condition:Healthy
Location:Ipoh, Perak
Adoption Fee:Free

About The Pet

She will poo at the same place, lovely, and active !
For those who are interested in adopting her, please do contact Elaine Phua - 0126962980
Location - Kampar, Perak.
*Transport is not provided.

On another note, I still have one public holiday to clear. Maybe I will clear it in the first week of March so that it will not be burnt when I move to the next department.

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wah u posted girl girl so nice. your blogcode is so nice.