Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IBIG Band was in town!

Class ended early today. Since I want to make the RM2 that I paid for the parking worth the amount of time I spend in college, I have decided to stay here longer. New lecturers will be teaching us and I hope they will be better than the previous one. Please don't leave us halfway through the semester again!

Oh yeah, I was supposed to blog about he Korean Praise concert at Wesley Methodist Church which was held on Sunday night last night but I forgot. Too tired, I guess.

The IBIG Band

They all are very talented! They performed really well that night. How often do you get to watch free and great concerts? This was one of the rare opportunities that you can get.

The following videos were taken after the concert. Too bad you can't see the singers face from the videos as I was sitting quite far from the stage but his voice is capable of melting your heart. Such soothing voice he has.

Winter Sonata

Stairway To Heaven

Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Silent Night

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