Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bon voyage, my friend! ♥

God blesses me with sweets occasionally. Thank you, Lord for the tasty cupcakes! And also thank you to the inventor of the lovely marshmallow cupcakes, Miss Nurainie.

Formally known as:
Chocolate cake with Marshmallow Bits topped with Cream Cheese and Grated Parmesan

It's Parmesan! No wonder they taste so good. Good cheese. Hehe...

It's the ninth day and my fishes are still alive. Alfread, your curses are not going to work. He said they will only be alive for nine and a half days after I wrote that I hope they will live for at least ten days.

Mom has got herself some new Cichlids and I hope they treat one another well. No more fightings or chasing around that will kill anyone of themselves. Then mom will not have to buy more. Help her save money, you Cichlids! Being yellow doesn't mean you can bully one another. You are all the same colour.

Okay, I am crazy to talk to the fish located so many miles from here. Heh! Assignment due is next week and the printing has to start one of these days. Probably tomorrow. I don't want to be a procrastinator anymore. I WILL print them out tomorrow.

Jo's off to UK on Friday (it's tomorrow!) and oh, how I will miss her. You see, although I don't see her around much when she is in Malaysia, the fact that I know she is somewhere in this country makes me don't miss her as much. And I get to talk to her rather easily via sms and on MSN. Living in the same time zone is so safe. It's never too late or too early to wish her good night or good morning.

So right now, (hope you are still reading, Jo) I want to wish you journey mercy to the foreign but good land and remember to take good care of yourself. Keep yourself warm (when the weather is cool) and cool (when the weather is warm). May the good Lord bless you abundantly with good health and keep you safe from drunkards (I heard from Ei Leen they have a lot of drunk people on the streets at night) and also guide you in everything you do. Remember to keep His Word close to your heart. See you again when you return! Tata!

P.S. Angela's Ashes is a gem. Totally love the work of Frank McCourt.

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