Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Post Starwalk

While still in recuperation from the cramps that I got from Starwalk, I shall update about the 10km-walk. I feel a sense of accomplishment after the walk. All glory to the Lord for the strength and perseverance to finish it.

This was taken at 6.39 am. Look at the number of people in the stadium! This is only a small percentage of all the participants.

Was bored waiting so snapped the morning sky. It's pretty purple!

Walking towards the Starting Point. So excited.

As I was walking on the road with others, I looked at the road and noticed there were droplets of water everywhere. Not rain. It's sweat. Everyone was really working hard to get a cert.

The best thing after reaching the finishing line was to queue up for refreshing drinks! How often do you get free 100+? No, you only get them for free during Starwalk. I joined Starwalk for the shirt, goodies and free drinks. Just kidding. The walk is part of what I wanted to do too.

Everyone in Ipoh should join Starwalk every year!! Give your legs a chance to endure from the constant walking for 100 minutes! =)

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Veron said...

I agree with you. Join StarWalk.. every year. That is what Salonpas and muscle gels are for.

Will Join Star Walk someday