Monday, November 21, 2016

Taiwan - Day 5

Another breakfast, another exciting day to experience new things and places. 

Tea Plantation (台埔觀光茶園)

First time experiencing tea plucking. What's more exciting was we are going to pluck Oolong tea leaves, Taiwan's native tea. 

The mini tea plantation especially set aside for tourists to play as tea plantation workers. 

The tea leaves harvested by tourists would not be processed as the quality of the leaves here were more inferior to the leaves from real plantations high up in the mountains which are used for mass production. 

All starting work soon!

Prepped ourselves with a basket and a hat, we did look the part. 

Oolong kuli for a few minutes

Tea plantation 'boss'
After a few minutes, we knocked off. What a job to only work for a few minutes. It was everyone's dream job. 

We adjourned to the tea shop and toss the tea leaves in the warm basket. The aroma was so invigorating and refreshing. 

Tea time in the morning

Take a break, have some Oolong tea.

A couple of cute goats outside the shop

Taichung to Tainan

About an hour's drive, we finally reached Tainan. 

An Ping Old Street (安坪老街)

The only stop in Tainan is An Ping Old Street. 

Mazu Temple, a 300-year-old temple

A wishing tree

The peaceful street of An Ping. 

Bustling place for shopping. The things were pretty cheap too. 

Coffin Toast

This toast is not for the superstitious. 

Do you prefer a small or big coffin? 

Our lunch here consisted of the famous street food in An Ping. 

Marble soda drink

There is a marble in each bottle. It's a traditional drink from many years ago. 


Prawn dumpling. Tasted like HK Chee Cheong Fun. 

So many coffins in one plate!

Prawn rolls and fish porridge

My coffin toast had a savoury surprise. Tasted like mushroom soup. 

Yam cake. Made from mirepoix yam, the taste was more authentic than those made from yam paste as I could taste the  texture of the yam. I am not a fan though. 

This was my marble. 

On the way out of Tainan en route to Kaohsiung, we passed by the oyster shop which supplied the share of oysters we had in our first dish just now. 

Goodbye An Ping and Tainan!

A river along Tainan City

Tainan to Kaohsiung

An hour and a half hours later, we reached Kaohsiung, the final destination for the next two days before we make our way back to Malaysia. My tour in Taipei a few nights ago seemed just like yesterday. Where did all the time went? 

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (龍虎塔)

An iconic architecture of Kaohsiung since 1976. 

Sitting comfortably in the dragon's mouth 

Second group photo in front of the pagodas

The lotus pond

Yet another temple 

Nine dragons 

Lotus pond without the lotus 

The view from the other side

This cute little birdie was resting after flying aimlessly in the pavilion in the middle of the lake. 

Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市)

A straight road night market selling food and many other things. 

From the start of the night market

There were more healthier snacks - steamed items here compared to other night market.

Steam salted crab



So many fat lobsters!

A huge grouper

Highly recommended papaya milk at Liuhe

An hour and a half later, we checked into our hotel for the final two nights. 

Time to rest for more fun tomorrow!

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