Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saturday filled with awesome food and quality time with F&F

Another weekend is here and indeed, what a fruitful one this has become. Had tremendous fun with family and friends. 

First stop at Morganfield's. 

Special fries at RM3.90 per basket. Ordered a couple for the four of us hungry people. 

Full-slab Hickory BBQ Rib. Very well marinated and perfectly done.

After loading so much carb and protein, we did our leisurely exercise around the mall. We passed by GODIVA and saw a peculiar sight. There was actual a queue the length of the front of two shops! Eunice went and investigated and found out there was a buy one get one free promotion for their ice cream at RM22. Oh well, we were too lazy to join the queue party so we did not answer to our kiasu-ness to queue along. 

The stroll was pretty quick as there was nothing affordable for me to purchase so we changed our exercise ground to Gurney Plaza.

There was where I found my work shoes which I did not see the previous week I was there. 

I had affinity with this pair. Please don't hurt my feet! 

I had quite an unpleasant experience with the previous Primavera shoes I bought as the pair hurt my feet for the first two months. It was not so bad to the point they gave me wounds but it could be quite uncomfortable to be walking in shoes that 'bite' your feet, causing a persistent sore unless you take them off. 

Mom and sis got me a Christmas present too. So happy to receive it and I immediately use it right after purchase. 

Wanted to shop for slippers too but time wasn't enough. Our stomachs were complaining once again. 

Gurney Drive's mini buffet which cost us about RM50. 

Nowadays, RM50 is akin to RM10 in the past. What a sad thing to see. 

Had a second round of dinner with friends at Wendy's. The very first one in Penang. 

Look at the crowd trying out the 'new toilet bowl'. 

I just had chilli cheese nachos with honey green tea as the mini buffet from Gurney Drive was still not fully digested yet.

Ji Mui Association gathering came to an end for this time. Wendy and Wendy at the back. :D :D :D

Countdown to Taiwan trip: 4 more days!

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