Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Taiwan - Day 7

Departure day. 

I had a couple of mantou, a sausage and soy milk for breakfast. 

We checked out at about 10:50am and proceeded to Dream Mall for lunch. It was very kind of the bus driver to fetch us there. 

On the way, we passed by Ai He (愛河), a popular dating spot for couples.

Finally reached our last destination before going to the Kaohsiung International Airport. 

Christmas is round the corner

The food court is located on the basement floor. There were lots of food to choose from. I made my choice to have a pork bento set at NTD170. 

One of the worst inventions ever. 

Seems cool at first but practicality is zero. Right-handed people will never understand the inconvenience of being a left-handed while using this spork. 

MOS Burger looked interesting so my sis and I ordered one. 

Rice patty burger. First time trying this very filling burger. Tasted like sushi at first then the taste got blander. 

One hour in the mall, and we were out again. 

Saw this tour bus on the way to ours. 

Kaohsiung to Hong Kong

Double tickets needed to go back home. 

Richelle and me at Kaohsiung International Airport
Departure gate en route to Hong Kong for the next transit three hours later. 

Ginger chicken rice with a pineapple cake and orange juice

I could not finish the rice. I ordered a cup of Oolong tea to complete the meal. 

Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur

While waiting to board our transit plane at 7:40pm, we had some snacks at Tasty Noodles and Congee, 正斗. There is a branch in Gurney Paragon on the 5th floor. 

The queue was so long! 

The menu

Roast goose at HKD148. Pricey but definitely worth it. Yum! 

I was left with HKD23 and I tried to scout for something to buy. I could not even buy a packet of snack with that amount of money. So sad. 

Time to board at Gate 2

Halfway through the journey, we were distributed mini pretzels and drink of our selection. 
Coke and mini pretzels

We thought there were no more dinner but we were served with food after half an hour or so. 

Tomato cheese macaroni set with a cup of red wine. 

Watched a couple of movies plus a good sleep in the plane. It seemed just like a second and we were awoken to the announcement that we have finally reached KLIA. 

The trip to Taiwan had been wonderful. No matter what, I am glad to be back. Always a Malaysian girl at heart, I am. 

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