Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas shopping almost done

I was determined to do Christmas shopping this year. More or less 80% completed. 

Look at the pretty decor at Gurney Plaza. 

Although this decor still comes second to Queensbay's. 

It feels like a place you can really build a snowman or go rolling about making snow angels. 

Amidst all the gifts I have got, I got myself something spicy. 

The best noodle in the world

I have previously tried the cup version but it was not that spicy. However, when I had one packet this morning - the time was 6am by the way - it's quite spicy and there was a warm sensation in my stomach. It could be the cooking method. Previously, I did not leave 8 teaspoons of water before serving and this time I did as per the instruction written on the packet. 

Could the 8 spoonfuls of water make the serving a little more spicy?

Food for thought...

I will find out the next time when I cook it again without leaving any water in the serving.

Have a lovely Sunday! 

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Vonn said...

😀😉Waiting for your next post. Have not really done my Christmas shopping yet.. maybe two days later