Monday, December 05, 2016

A birthday celebration

It's our GM's birthday today so we decided to celebrate by having lunch at Alaf Sejahtera, Teluk Bahang. I was pretty excited as it was my first time having lunch here. 

My flooded rice of happiness!

I don't mind putting on weight for this. But then again, I might regret saying this if it really comes true. 

The lunch was a quiet but swift one. We arrived shortly before 12:30pm and we left the place at 12:50pm. What a productive lunch! Guess everyone was too hungry to chat whilst eating. 

The bill came to a very reasonable amount and we left really happy. So happy that we went for second round at Starbucks. 

Another first time. 

The only Starbucks in Penang with a direct seaview. 

A wonderful treat from the birthday girl herself. Thank you so much! 

Guess which drink is mine.  

We just couldn't leave without a group photo. 

Everyone was here except Aisha, the photographer. 

Half of us being vain whilst the other half busy chatting in the midst of loading caffeine into their system. :P

Many hours later...

Back home enjoying a 'pill' of green tea to detoxify the goodness ingested today. 

Lovely shade of green, don't you think?

Once again, Happy Birthday, Ms. Yue!

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