Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Haul on Wesak Day!

I had a terrific day with Kah Men today! And I spent the highest amount of money in a day in my history of shopping. It's a total of RM93 all in cash!

The day had been gloomy all day (threatened to rain, quoted from Veronica :D) but we managed to get to Gurney Plaza smoothly. Surprisingly, the traffic was not that bad. As soon as we reached there at around 1.40pm, the first thing we did was to look for food! Soothing our stomachs was of utmost importance.

Every shop was so full of people. Especially the food court. All the tables were TAKEN! We finally settled for Bar.B.Q. Plaza since there was a vacant table for us.

Pork and bacons! It's been a while since I have consumed anything from the piggie family.

Fried rice with bacon rolls. The rolls were very delicious. I think I can eat them all if it was a dish by itself.

I am currently running low on supplies of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) so I went to Watsons and got ripped off willingly. I had no choice but to buy the twin pack at the price of RM128.80. Before this, they had an offer at RM92++ with two huge bottles plus a small bottle of EPO.

The twin pack that I bought. Just compare it with the current one that I am consuming. I guess Blackmores EPO is more expensive. :)

By the way, I paid for this using debit card so it doesn't count in my spendings in CASH!

Kah Men was shoe-hunting and she found none at Gurney. So we headed off to Prangin Mall since it is the haven for great variety of shoes and clothes and other things! Great place to shop, really.

The proof? A person who always window-shops like me succumbed to purchasing something that I never thought of buying at all at the start of the day . I thought I don't need it but I guess I do now.

(Oh, that's what every shopper says when they purchase. I NEED IT, NOT I WANT IT!! :P )

It's too cute to resist! RM25 for a 20-inch x 13-inch luggage bag.

Thank you mommy dearie for buying this for me! :) I can stare at the bag whole day and not use it. So cute!!!

Working from 12-8pm tomorrow. Should I go to Pinang Emas tomorrow for a cuppa? Hmm, I really don't know.

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Anonymous said...

one of the nicest post I have read today. Can't help myself from reading it again.

Eunice said...

i was expecting to see "shoes" for the last picture but was surprised to see that bag.. cute meh? looks creepy la!! haha...