Monday, November 05, 2007

puppy love..

I received these pictures recently and I can't believe that puppy love is not meant figuratively but literally as well.

This chihuahua was born in May this year in the northern Japanese city of Odate to the owner, Emiko Sakurada who said that the little fellow came into this world with a perfect heart-shaped pattern in his fur.

It's so cute!!

Love. So madly in love!

More hearts!!

Aw!! I have to hug him! Super cute!!

Here's a video of Heart-kun (yup, that's his name :D) and his owner!

My bro said that the pictures have undergone photoshopping but I do think they are real.

To those experts out there: Please tell me if it's true that they are photoshopped. I will be disappointed if it is true. :(

P/S: The truth hurts sometimes. So, please share your opinion with me. =)


Wonder how will Crystle look like if she were to be in love?

Just expand your imagination!!

Can you visualize it yet??


Click on the picture for larger image:

Crys drowning in puppy love!

Hers is a smiley heart! More beautiful than Heart-kun's heart pattern. Hahaha...

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Anonymous said...

all i can say about Crystle is just this... HA HA HA

11.07.07 - 8:32 am

-sapphire blu-