Thursday, November 01, 2007

all about examination..

Six more days left and my school life in form six will be over (almost over for it'll only be completely over when the clock strikes 4 pm on the 29th November). Can't wait for the last day of school a.k.a. 7th November to come! =)

I have plans for myself after the exam. First of all, I want to complete any unfinished cross stitches and a puzzle which was supposedly be framed before my exam.

Look what procrastination has done to me!!

I've been delaying my work and the truth is, I don't know what is doing it. December will be the month when I will spend my time cross-stitching and reading and updating this getting-mundane-site. So when will it be the time for me to rest?

There's no such thing as resting when I have so much to do. Got to catch up with lots of things.

Pages of strings of words
Stacked up lazily
On the dust-filled table
When will I ever touch them
I will never know
I just pray to God
That someday,
My heart will be able
To cherish the priceless treasure
Hidden within
Those pages of strings of words

I know it does not rhyme. But that's just what I am feeling now. My inference will be, the nearer it is to the examination date, the harder it is for me to concentrate. Why is it always like this???

I'm feeling so dejavu. It seemed that I had the same pre-examination stress in SPM and also PMR last time. Now, it has come back to "greet" STPM.

P/S: Quote of the day - "Examination is not the most accurate instrument to measure one's ability to learn as it only covers as little as a drop of salt water from the entire ocean."

So the question is, why does examination exist? The word with the big 'E' is still very strange to me.

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