Saturday, November 10, 2007

the greatest love story..

The meaning of true love. Not any other typical love story. It's a story between two sick terrapins which never left each other for another.

The kind of L.O.V.E. I am talking about is sisterly love. Don't think narrowly, okay?

Let me present to you:

Rayar and N!

Quoted from Rayar:
"No one can ever separate us. When I was sick and you were recovering, you are always there to protect me from harm and danger. We are FRENZ FOREVER."

Oh, that is so sweet! Anyone's love story can be greater than theirs?
On the other hand, there is another terrapin whose sickness is still a mystery to me. Her name is Sunnie. She needs a friend too.
And the friend is...

I love you, Sunnie. So, would you please kindly eat your food?
Maybe she's anorexic.
P/S: Please let me be wrong!

1 wrote a note:

Anonymous said...

the first thing after i read about ur blog... is hahaha again... u made me laugh and at the same time so touch by Rayar and N's friendship. oh no.... what is happening to Sunnie.. her shell is no more unique and looks dull.. poor Sunnie..our sunnie is dying soon. God do put ur healing hands on her.. Amen.

- sapphire blu -