Wednesday, November 07, 2007

exciting day..

As soon as I opened the front door this morning, this is what I saw.

Oi, Crystle! Having a war ah?

She was desperate for shoes to bite I guess. Or was she showing off to her stray boyfriends how blissful her life is with the many varieties of shoes she can actually bite?


Today is the official last day of school for the Upper Sixes. I wonder why I am so happy. Hey, I still can see my friends during the most stressful time. On the 19th onwards! LOL..

Ladies from the Hospital of Bliss

We were supposed to look elsewhere and Fatin had this crazy idea: Why don't we frown at each other?

However, the photographer was too slow and as you can see above, Fatin was going to burst out laughing! Haha..

Cheon Yuen attacking Adura with Eve as the witness.

This is so interesting! Adura, fight back!!

Look which wacko is trying to jump down from the building.

This is so random.

'Hey, Farhan! Snap my handsome face!' said the other Farhan.

I want to see some pictures!!

Lyn Yee and Fatin having a cat fight.

I am prettier! No, you are not! I am more gorgeous! Ouch! It's painful! Stop that!!!!!!!!

Eve and I outside the exam 'hall'.

Classroom actually. SMI's so, so poor. This school does not have enough halls.

Adele and Eve

The two other guys from USA1.

Two of the three thorns among the roses.

A picture with our beloved class/Economics teacher

Can you spot some orbs in this picture? Those whitish circles appeared even when there's no flash when the picture was captured. Paranormal phenomenon? I hope not.

One picture is not enough. Posers need more than that. =)

Our BM teacher and us.

He's a very smart-looking man. Not only smart-looking actually, he's really smart especially in solving problems involving psychology ones. This is what is needed by the students who feel constant stress in the blues of exam.

I'll definitely miss him.

After school, I went to Happy Valley which is located just opposite the school with Eve, Adele and Chin Hwa. They are crazy people, I tell you.

What do you think you are looking at? I am cool and you are not.

Dumb and Dumber

An expression worth millions of dollars!

Eve has gone mad.

She's trying to shoot herself at her temple. Someone call 999 please!

Okay, now she's cured. She's so happy to be a normal person again that she's smiling.

I became crazy too! We tried to kill each other. =D

Welcome back to sane city.

Welcome to Happy Valley! They have some promotions.

For a short period of time, I became the spokesperson for Happy Valley.

Going wacko again! Blur Evelyn and cross-eyed me.

Goldfish Eve and cunning-looking Adele.

That is not all. we even made some videos from the shop. Enjoy.

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