Tuesday, November 13, 2007

rest in peace, nana..

It was really shocking to witness yet another departure of a loving family member of the Terrapins. Tragic. Gruesome. Totally unexpected death.

My mom was bathing the twelve princes and princesses of the Terrapin royalties when she noticed something was wrong.

Nana lost his sight! His left eye was shut tight while the other, you cannot even call that an eye anymore. All my mom could see was a hollow socket where the eye should have been.

Below is the picture of the stiff Nana.

Who could have done it? Mom was sure he didn't die a natural death. Her prediction was:


Why? Simply because he was still healthy the day before yesterday. He just can't die overnight, can he? So the best inference to his death is, HE IS MURDERED.

Time of murder was between 10.30 pm last night and early this morning. All his eleven friends are under suspect. Light, Missa and Sunnie are exempted as they have an alibi who is of course, ME.

Nana was buried near Nani and Nano.

Good bye, Nana. May you rest in peace.

Departed on 13 November 2007
Leaving behind his closest chums:
Mork, N, Mindy, Kaka, Kiki, Dada,
Didi, Harry, Rayar, Aideel and Fitry.
Also his beloved owner:
And three other strangers:
Light, Missa and Sunnie

He will be missed greatly.

It is very sad to hear about deaths. However, we must not fear death. I am sure Nana is having the best of his life now up in heaven. Just like the fun Nani, Nano and Saffy is enjoying right now. When our time is up, we can see them again.

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Anonymous said...

It must be Light and Misa, they are suspects of being Kira and the second Kira. L thinks they kill using a Shinigami...a Death Note it is.