Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Inventory Count Day!

Today was inventory count day so it was quite busy at the gift shop and there was a group checking out so it was busy at the reception too.

I have filled up the job application form and now all I need to do is to leave everything in God's hands. I pray I do get the job! :)

Had my meals at the hotel so I spent RM0 today. Got to know some new trainee friends such as Shirlyn, Elaine and Chie Fei, working in HR, Finance and Purchasing departments respectively. They came from all various states - Shirlyn is from Malacca, Elaine from Alor Setar and Chie Fei is from Sabah. It's wonderful to meet people from so far away.

I had a walk at the garden today and got to learn more about two guests who shared with me their experience in the hotel and how appreciated they felt being remembered. According to them, the staffs at the resort always make them feel special by preparing 'Welcome Back' and 'Bon Voyage' cakes each time they visit.

"They have good memories! They remember us!" they said.

I sat there listening to them and I just wished I could sit there all day with them. Miss Angela and Miss Pamela, it's really nice talking to you. You don't have the vibes that strangers will emit when you are talking to them. You both are so friendly and it felt like I have known you for years.

Managed to get 5 courtesy logs today and I believe it's the most I got today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get as many though I doubt it.

For those of you who do not know, courtesy logs are records of opinions of guests about their staying experience in the resort whether good or bad. :)

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