Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My day started off with Chocolates! What about yours?

Got a surprise from Siew Choo today. She is so sweet. Feel like hugging her a thousand times over.

Okay, that is a bit too much. Hehehe...

Only thoughtful friends will remember you on their trips (I know I am terrible because every time I go for holiday, I forget my friends at times.)

I must be prepared for ants to come to my room soon.

A tube of While Toblerone chocolate and a mysterious brown package.

Look! My name is on it! With a smiley pill as deco. Cute!

Tadaa! So many kisses flying out from the brown paper bag. Can you just feel the love??

I will eat one a day (if I could resist).

Thanks so much again for remembering me during your trip to Langkawi, Siew Choo!! :)

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