Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Sunday off. Praise the Lord!

I just have to praise God again and again for all the wonderful things that He has done. I was thankful enough for a Sunday off yesterday and now He's giving me another one. I guess He just didn't want me to miss the guest speaker coming Sunday.

There will be a new trainee at the Spa Department starting from tomorrow till the end of February. I am happy because I will have a new friend and the rest of the staffs have another helping hand. I really pity that department. It is sort of abandoned for the time being since the manager is on maternity leave. Miss Angel, I hope to see you soon!!

Had rice and assam fish curry and some wedges as well as green vege for lunch. Oh and not to forget about the chicken too. It was delicious. For dinner, they have green chicken curry and I took a portion of those, more wedges and some cold salad. So many varieties! I get to make my own ham sandwiches too but I was lazy.

Tomorrow will be working from 10-6pm again! It's laundry day too!

P.S. I have watched a DVD entitles A Golden Christmas. It was a slow but heartwarming story. The Retriever was so cute!!

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Anonymous said...

Night full of mosquitos again.
I call them cny mosquitos. wonder how to hang red thread over their neck.
January 24, 2011

Had steam fish again tonight. Sooner of later I will be bored of that. Not much happened today except that I was so tired ironing just now. Now your blog is like 3 D to me. Guess I need to rest early tonight. But have to wait for the macet sinetron to over. I do not know what is the whole story about as before one can finish a sentence there goes buffering non stop. They ajak me to jump in the pool tomorrow. I gave the excuse my arm cant lift my arm up.One day after another sure I will be like a balloon size in no time.

Tomorrow what will you be having for breakfast? Vido drink or mommy mi (ibumi)

ouch.. tak tahan already. must slaughter the mosquitos now..
end here with a very good night to you. Sweetest dreams and dream of me of course.

Dark night at 10.51pm
No sign of snow yet over here

sapphire blu said...

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