Friday, January 28, 2011

My stomach expanded, I think.

Back home once again! My day seems pretty routine so there is less and less things to write. Don't worry! I will still cook up something for your interest.

I think my stomach is getting bigger. No, I don't mean the belly. I mean the organ in my body. I seem to have pretty good appetite these days. Like today, I eat rice, vege, fried chicken wing, porridge, kuey teow, apples and bananas. To compensate this gluttony, I had porridge and cold chicken salad and more apples for dinner. Still more than what I usually eat back at home in Ipoh. I wonder at the wonder of my stomach.

While I am updating the guests' data in the boutique, I realise I have not captured a picture of the interior.

The products sold in the boutique displayed in their respective shelves.

An old artifact. The only thing not for sale in the boutique. Get to know about this only yesterday.

So today at lunch time, there is a birthday celebration for December and January babies! I want to linger longer but I itch to go back to work. So in the end, I leave.

But I still manage to capture the picture of the cake. I love how the top layer is filled with banana slices!!! It must taste good. :P

3-11pm shift again tomorrow. Then Sunday off and another great chance to attend a great service in the house of the Lord! :D

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Anonymous said...

cooling night on January 29, 2011

Only three words


EH EH... got somemore to say. my fingers a little numb already due to home renovation. So much to repair here and there and had to save this and that. However after everything is done I knew I have done my best and I am satisfied. Are you? Surelah you do you won't dare to say Nope nope like that because... you know I know.. okaylah see you again when my two thumns and eight index fingers can move fast again. They are very active when they are okay.

Nite nite and sweetest dream to the owner of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Alamak see how tired I am thumbs spelt as thumns.. new spelling hehe..

Nite nite again.

Anonymous said...

Morning Morning... am updating my post. This morning i just felt so lazy and how I wish I can sleep whole day long. Wanted to go to the Spring to get some cny stuff but then when I think of the crowd I also wanted to have the Peta Ajaib.

Will have nothing for breakfast. Don't feel like preparing anything. If I can buy those vitamins to consume for breakfast how nice. Just swallow two and one can be full till lunch time.

When I look at your tik tok tik tok clock below here I feel like want to doze off. Just now when I shower the shower head suddenly dropped down and ouch... ohhh it hurts. Now my head have a mini bungalow. The wall of the bungalow is slightly red in color. What a color for a house. Not nice. Think of red I will always think of the movie Red Riding Hood. When will it be aired in cinema. Looking forward for the show.

A short brief synopsis of the show that I read just now:

Set in the medieval village of Daggerhorn, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) falls in love with an orphaned wood cutter in a village haunted by a werewolf. The villagers of Daggerhorn seek the assistance of a hunter (Gary Oldman) to fight the creature

Wow the show must be nice and I am really going to watch it. Wait a minute I think I know when the release date is. What! I still have to wait for another two months. How to wait. No choice I must be patient.

Thats all time being. See ya.

Sunny day with a little sun on January 30, 2011