Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Second day at Chi Spa

I have gotten used to the life at Chi Spa. My job today was fairly simple as well. I have my own motto to de-stress myself. Take things easily and do not put too much pressure or else the guests will be pressured. Hahaha!!!

I saw a fat lizard entering the cupboard in the pantry somewhere in the evening! I got more cautious about opening it after that. Eew!! Hope I don't see it tomorrow.

Wanna have a sneak peek of the spa?

Here you go. The view from the reception.

The ceiling shaped like a pentagon signifying the five elements of Chi.

My shift until Jan 15:

Jan 6 (Thursday) - 8am-4pm
Jan 7 (Friday) - OFF DAY!!
Jan 8 (Saturday) - 8am-4pm
Jan 9 (Sunday) - 8am-4pm
Jan 10 (Monday) - 8am-4pm
Jan 11 (Tuesday) - 8am-4pm
Jan 12 (Wednesday) - 3pm-11pm
Jan 13 (Thursday) - 3pm-11pm
Jan 14 (Friday) - OFF DAY!!
Jan 15 (Saturday) - 3pm-11pm

I kind of enjoy working in different shift because I get to experience working at different times of the day. :)

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