Monday, January 17, 2011

Went to PCC for the first time!

I realised that I don't have enough time now since I work 3-11pm. I think it's because I usually online at night and now having to wake up early to face the computer is a little bit difficult for me being a night person.

Anyway, let's get back to yesterday. Since I am working in the afternoon shift, I decided to go to Penang Christian Centre for their service which started at 10am. My journey there was smooth. No more 'sesat' problem like the Wesley Church incident. Again, I tried to locate Wesley on the way to PCC but I could not. It's good that PCC was so obvious so I knew where to get off the bus.

When I reached there, I just followed the people into the congregation. After climbing a series of stairs, I finally reached my destination. The service was held on the fourth or fifth floor I am not too sure. But everything was awesome. The service was great!

Pastor Isaac Chan giving his sermon

Being my first time there, I recorded a gist of the worship session. They have a violinist and several keyboards.

It was like a mini concert with dancers dancing along to the music for God. AWESOME!!! The presence of God was really strong.

At around 12pm, I went back and ate at an Indian stall near my apartment. Wanted to eat the bihun but too bad, it was sold out. So I had to make do with a roti canai and a glass of warm water.

My lunch

I came down at 2.07pm to wait for the van to fetch me to work but then it still wasn't here till 2.26pm. So I called the van driver and he said he came at 2pm and waited for 5 minutes. Oh no! I had to walk. Reached the hotel at 2.40pm. It's a record-breaking time! Usually I took 20 minutes but I don't understand where the 5 minutes had gone. Praise the Lord for the strength to walk. :)

Today, I am definitely going to wait for the van earlier around 1.50-1.55pm. He told me he's coming at 2.05pm today.

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sapphire blu said...

and the van came at 2.12pm. He was late but then worth waiting as you do not have to spend at least 20 minutes walking. Save that energy to walk around spa room. Hehe. What will you be having for lunch tomorrow? tomyam instant noodle? what about nasi lemak? too filling? then stick to tomyam instant noodle. Dinner time for me. Today will have simple spinach soup and some chicken. will be here again. Waiting for your next post.