Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second last day of 3-11 shift for January

Unlike Sunday's shift, yesterday was not as boring since there were treatments at night. Tomorrow will be my last day of 3-11 shift until don't know when and will be having Thursday as my off day for two weeks. The work schedule comes out once a fortnight so I have to wait to know what is in store for me next month. :)

From Friday onwards, I will be working from 10-6pm.

Went out to buy my favourite bihun from one Indian stall nearby for lunch and on the way there, I saw this cute little black puppy walking about on the side of the road. It was a really shy dog.

Too bad I could not snap the face. It's really, really cute! Felt like bringing it back home but Tina will definitely kick me out if I do that. Hehehehe!!

Another shot of the doggie

At work, Azimah gave me some kuih to eat and the curry puff was really yummy!! Then she also gave me a yogurt drink which I just had for breakfast. Delicious. I have such a great collleague!


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sapphire blu said...

what i will be writing in my diary just for you.

Rainy weather:

Today is another gloomy day. My stomach is troubling me. Like something sharp poking once in a while. Thought of frying mix vegetables for lunch but uuh... outch.. its feeling pain again. Maybe I will just have instant soup noodle as fiona will be having tomyam noodles. Both instant recipe. Very healthy indeed.

This afternoon there will be a new sinetron of which I may or not follow. If I follow it's not because of the story line but it's Baim Wong. Love to see him acting especially when he screams and yells. He has such unique talent in doing that.

Still drizzling outside. I told myself when I get back here I will definately go swimming again of which I never did yet. Is swimming that boring? I thought I used to love it. Whenever I open my closet I realize my swim suits are more than my tshirts. Some may think i crap but it's true. Must not have lazy ideas about not going swimming. Hopefully will start again next week. But it rains.... hehehe it will be a good excuse for not going again.

Hmmm.. rain just stopped and I guess will just pause writing for a while and see what is there to add in to my instant noodles later. What type of stomach am I having. Started to feel hungry? oh oh I must forget about "Hungry" or I will go humpty dumpty in no time... till another time see ya soon.