Monday, January 10, 2011

Made my first spa reservation today!

I was in middle shift today (12-8pm) and so I had my lunch and dinner at the hotel. I love today's meals. Now that I look at the pictures again, I feel hungry.



Today I took up the challenge to answer a call from a guest to make spa reservations. I did it!!! Thank God there was no accidents. Hehehe!!!

There's orientation tomorrow at 9.30am. I have work from 3-11pm. I may as well sleep in the hotel. Hahahaha!!!

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Never Ending Story said...

your lunch and dinner make my saliva dropoping already. A letter on my keyboard wet due to reading your post. You have such interesting nice post daily. Wish i can write like you but all i can do is just to embed and copy paste from videos/news etc.