Saturday, January 15, 2011

New shoes!

Before that, a couple of lost pictures from the beach.

Lynn and me

Ju Dee and me

I have been working from 3-11pm for the past two days hence the lack of update. I did banqueting yesterday and the day before that, I was getting worried about my shoes tearing apart during working hours since banqueting required a great deal of walking. So off I went to Prangin Mall to get a pair of flat shoes.

The bus driver of Rapid 101. All the Rapid drivers look really cool with their shades and jackets on.

Got down at Komtar and for a moment I got lost wondering where Prangin was. So I asked a security guard and finally managed to accomplish my mission. Was feeling a little hungry then so went to the top floor for brunch !

Some soya sauce pork, cabbage and white rice at 75. Yes, the name of the food court is 75.

Got on the bus at 12.10pm and it was a long ride home. I had to make sure I reach by 1pm so I could get ready by 2pm since the van will fetch me to work an hour earlier.

So are you ready to see my new pair of shoes?

Tadaa!! It's VKI! It's so soft and comfy and only cost RM39.90! Thank you mommy for giving this pair of shoes to me!!

We had nothing much to do yet when I reached Rasa Sayang so I snapped a picture of the ballroom.

The function was a Kodak Prize Giving Ceremony consisting of 200 people. I think less than that came.

The table setting for the night.

First time in banquet uniform. It was a thick jacket I wondered why we need such thick jackets for. Until we entered the hall for briefing, I realised the temperature was low. So that was why.

Pretty Lynn and Ju Dee

At the locker room. We looked so GRAND!!!

Later at night, some friends came over from the 14th floor from the same block as I was staying to give Ju Dee a surprise for her birthday.

The cake with a super fat strawberry.


Going for work again today at 3pm but will be back in my department. Good luck to those who are doing the banqueting for tonight! The function will be a Malay wedding.

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