Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have pasta and a few pieces of chicken for lunch plus some apples and watermelons. This is the first time I see apples after training for more than three weeks here. It is not very busy today too but the bookings start coming in after the rain starts. I guess people just want to do something even if they cannot go out for outdoor activities.

For 8 to 4 shift, I will usually stay till 5pm so I can eat my dinner (consisting of chicken rice, the same fried chickens like afternoon) and leave. I come back by van today. Nathan is as usual late and he gets impatient when Evol asks him to wait for another friend on her way from Golden Sands. He seems bad tempered but he does wait for that friend. He just likes to put on a tough facade.

I come back dreaming of a wonderful hot shower after battling with the rain outside and find this:

This is so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Milo stain (seems to be splashed onto the floor on purpose).

I don't know what the couple who have just recently moved in do inside the toilet. Do they think it is a kitchen sink? Unwanted Milo should be poured into the kitchen sink, not on the bathroom floor!! Eew.

Working 10-6pm tomorrow. I think I will be officiating my Ibumie Perisa Asli for breakfast! :)

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Anonymous said...

sunny day
January 28, 2011

eew. my first word for this comment when I saw the stain. So horrible. Thought I wanted to have a cup of hot milo with some cream crackers but now I do not feel that hungry anymore. How could they treat the washroomlike this. A washroom is a place to get a person cleaned and ohhh. this is really disgusting.

oh yea, Betty ee ee said ten years I did not go to her house already then I say no lah I just went not long ago when... then she passed the phone over to her sis and she said it has been at least six years since I went there. So I guess we will go there on the 6th day of cny ok?

Streamyx line is still not okay yet back at home. Do continue to pray the technician will know what is the real problem and get it fix before CNY.

Today have not much mood to write so that will be all for now. Hope tonight there will be no macet session during the two sinetrons. Or else my eyeballs may falls out of socket or maybe eyeballs popping out for a moment while watching. And when this happens, I do not know how to fix it back.

see you again another time. be good and hope tonight there will be a nice picture of the water hole and no more of those stains. I think perhaps they just forgot where the kitchen is. Should have given them orientation when they moved in on the first day. eh eh. I have to go already. Will drink a litre of of water water now so that my body system will have enough liquid.

Till the next time. Sunny day. Waiting for the cloud to get heavy.