Saturday, April 15, 2006

all about opportunities..

There's only about a month more to go and I am going to say a sweet goodbye to my holidays. I will move on and go with the flow of time to the place I will soon call my school.

During these times when I have had so much time to think about the past, I thought about something very crucial in life.

Life is like a dessert. You can choose to enjoy it or give it up for the sake of dieting. I realised that there are so many opportunities out there waiting for people to grab hold of them. Yet, most people just let the chances go and blame the world for the sad lives they lead.

Why can't these people get on their feet and keep a wide lookout for those rare opportunities rather than just wait at home for Opportunities to come knocking on their doors?

Success doesn't drop down from the sky.

We only live once. Don't wait for chances to come. Look for them.

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Joanna said...

very insightful. Life's like a dessert..haha..nice. Best wishes to you in school and all. I'm sure you'll find success in life. Gambate !

Anonymous said...

I agree, very insightful. But at the same time it needs to be remembered that not everyone has lead the same cardboard cut-out life. Everyone has been shaped and molded through different life experiences and perceives the day to day differently. What holds some back why others flourish? Why do others judge from a distance based on those perceptions of what another should be doing? Some people sit and enjoy their dessert all at once, some savor it little bit by little bit, and yet others are still trying to reach theirs because they know how sweet it will be once they obtain it. It takes a beautiful soul to think of scooting the dish just a tad bit closer withing the grasp of those just falling short. :)

mike said...

i hate it when i have to come here to look for advice. (or is it advise. oh well.) but you give the best ones.

but anyways, you might be seeing me in smi. who knows. hah.