Sunday, April 30, 2006

memories in school are the best that i've ever had..

I slept through the whole afternoon. The weather is getting so warm now that I can't help escaping it by sleeping. When I finally woke up, it's already raining and the glistening raindrops in the sky didn't help much to bring the temperature down. Hot showers!

I went to the school's Open Day which was organised by the Interact Club. It started and ended punctually. Good performances were held and I couldn't help flashing back my school days when I was there for 5 years of education. Good and bad memories came back to me.

When I look at the classrooms, I remembered where I sat and chatted with my treasured friends during intervals and also I could actually feel the pressure studying for the exams during those times. Well, except that the feeling of pressure now is a much relieved one as I realised I have gone through so much and grown more learned and matured in the years. I really can't thank the school enough for moulding and shaping me so carefully so that I became who I am today.

At least, I didn't turn into a bad, rotten egg. :D

When I look at the corridors, I remembered about recess time when I did not eat and stood at one spot along it, staring at the other students enjoying their meal, laughing and teasing among their friends. Occasionally, I would read and complete my assignments in the corridor outside the classroom.

I've got so used to Convent that I don't think I will be able to forget it. Oh, those cherished moments I had in school could not possibly be replaced or compared with the memories that are equally worthy to be kept safe in my heart. They were obtained from school and of course, I will never experience them again after I stepped out of school completely in future.

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