Monday, April 10, 2006

goals in life are not goals in football matches..

I am all stuck and lost for words to post up an entry.

Frankly speaking, from the bottom of my heart, I really admire those who really have everlasting ideas to write, be it their lives experiences or just thoughts.

I have no visions on my future or whatsoever, but one thing for certain, I know I will have to go through a hard time in achieving my goals. A whole lump of perseverance and passion in all that I do will certainly contribute a lot in nearing success. Now that I see how tedious it is to get what I want, I was thinking why can't goals in life be like goals in football matches? The players score goals just like eating chocolates!!

I won't say a piece of cake because cakes are hard to eat sometimes. Once the texture is too soft, you'll mess up whatever you are eating it on as it crumbles and breaks into another millions of pieces even if you grasp it gently between your fingers. If it's too hard, you will be eating rock cakes, the ones Hagrid made in Harry Potter. Chocolates are different.

Speaking of chocolates, I am craving for a piece right now. Maybe a bar. It's very funny because I don't mind eating chocolates in BULK (this is a bit too much, I know), but if you were to order me to eat a whole tub of ice-cream, I will say an absolute NO without thinking twice. A second is enough for me to think and answer. It's weird how my brain says YES to chocolates and NO to other fattening desserts.

And I suddenly have the idea that I am a hypocrite. At the beginning of this entry, I claimed to have nothing to say but in the end I have so much senseless things formed in strings of words here. Maybe I am bound to be one. Hate me, I don't care. Love me, and I will love you too. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the comments on my blog. I love going to the beach with Kuuipo. Now that it is warming up, I hope to go many times this season.
And I whole heartedly agree that it is true that those in their golden years are often pushed to the side and forgotten when they no longer seem feasable and cannot care for themselves. It is in their golden years that I feel they should be treated with more respect than ever for the incredible journeys they have traveled through their lives.