Thursday, February 21, 2008

mini sausage buns..

I forgot how long it has been since I've eaten a sausage bun which is so cute and tiny like this.


This is the front view of the bread.

Just look how tiny it is. The sausage within is quartered and cut to the length of the bread.

The back view of the bread

Unlike the bread of the normal size, this mini sausage bun is way easier to eat. Firstly, you do not need to open your mouth too wide to bite the bread. You just need to pop it into your mouth and munch away!

Secondly, it contains less calories. This is a very good meal especially for girls who wish to go on diet. You see, smaller portion of bread means less carbohydrate. Less carbohydrate means less calories, no? =D

I've eaten one. TWO MORE TO GO!!

In future, I will choose mini buns over non-mini ones.

P/S: Everything is getting smaller. Phones, digital cameras, etc. But the idiot box is getting larger and larger.

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