Sunday, February 03, 2008

three different tales..

The eyebrow-tattoo is in the trend among dogs too! Since they don't have money to get a professional to help them with they eyebrow-less eyes, here is what they will do. Absolutely free-of-charge.

Now that I have eyebrow, I am satisfied. I feel more human.

Actually I don't know what Crystle did to her left 'eyebrow'. Why is there only one side done? Probably she has no mirrors to check on her brows or she has no money to do the right side.

One thing for sure, her newly grown eyebrow IS ABSOLUTELY NOT MY DOING. I am innocent.

Everyone in the business world knows this, 'Maximise profit, minimise cost'. But I am totally shocked that some people would do such a thing to maximise profit.
Can you see what is wrong with this picture?

Weird and deadly combination: Plastic spoons + A plate of sizzling rice
Can you see that one of the spoons is out of shape? IT ACTUALLY MELTED when my bro used it! I've told him to use metal spoons which he finally did after this plastic spoon melted.


Never ever serve the customers with plastic cutlery if you are selling sizzling food. You will kill them one day!
Just because plastic spoons are cheaper, you still cannot do that!
After salivating over the nian gaos from Cold Storage the other day, we finally bought two freshly baked nian gaos from the night market.

So soft and delicious-looking.
Imagine, so fresh that you can actually scoop it up and eat!! Yummy!

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Anonymous said...

looking at her eyebrow seems like miracle.. but think deeply are u sure she did it by herself.. could it be a beautician that came by early in the morning to do it for her so that she can buy her heart and won't bark or show teeth at the person who did that on her already or if everything i say is not the case then she got a beautician genes. the nain gao sure looks dun have this type of nian gao.if have also all plastic containers and the taste I did not even dare to try. scared I taste sugar only. very blessed you have that type of nian gao to eat. buy more cos once a year only u get to eat those. so your brother fishes his noodle with the mixture of melted plastic spoon? extra vitamin plastic poison already like that.