Monday, January 03, 2011

First day at Rasa Sayang

Finally reported to duty today and I will be training in the Spa Department for two months. Then another two months in the Food and Beverage Department before being 'thrown' into Front Office for the final two months. Hahaha!!!

The uniform for Spa is very 'cun'. Will snap a picture with me in it tomorrow. Hehehe..

Today had been a good sort of training as we get to know the training manager, Mr. Aziz better. Everyone seemed so friendly and offered to help whenever we face problems. Met the Resident Manager too.

We were given a locker (two person to one) to keep our stuffs during working hours.

I am beginning to feel a sense of belonging here just after one day of orientation. The rest of the trainees are very friendly too. Met some new friends like Dawn, Evol, Bernice and Lynn. I wish them all the best in their respective training departments. :)

My name tag for 6 months!!

Went for a hair net hunt after that and finally found it in Gurney Plaza. So I got my dinner from Gurney drive since I was there.

Rice + Egg + Vege + Pork Chop. RM3.80. Is it worth the money? I think it is! Quite nutritious.

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sapphire blu said...

waiting for more... love reading this post. your name tag is very nice.

Lina G. said...

love ur blog! im enjoy reading it. please follow me too.. im follow ur blog already . tq :)