Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mr. Teppanyaki - Ikan Pari Set for lunch!

Attended another Sunday service at Penang Christian Centre again. Unlike last week, I was more noticeable this time as I volunteered to sign the guest form. No one approached me asking me if I was new last week. I do look like a regular there somehow. This is what happens when the church is too big. Hehehe...

When I got down from the rapid bus, I snapped these two photos below:

This is the reason I know where to stop. It is unmissable. Only the blind will miss it.

Another closer shot.

After the service, I was brought to by an usher to Level 2 where they had this 'hospitality corner' to get to know new comers. I knew two friends, Marion and Jenny. They asked me lots of questions about myself and I am glad I was no longer invisible. There was a couple (Fran and Chris) who were new too. I later found out they live in Eden Seaview Condominium too. They were from UK.

Last night, I was reading the Google maps to see if there was any hawker stalls nearby church that I can go to for lunch. But today, I realised I was too lazy to walk so I went straight to Gurney for lunch.

CNY is coming really soon and it's the year of the Rabbit.

The two rabbits so fat!

While I was hunting for food, I snapped this picture from the escalator. Can you feel the festive season coming? Yes, I do!!

After going up and down the plaza, I finally decided on the ikan bakar rice at Mr. Teppanyaki.

Yum yum!!! Only RM12.65 plus the tax. I will go indulge every time I need to buy something from Gurney Plaza.

There will be an Indian couple moving into the small room next to my room. They are supposed to be here in the evening but up till now, I still don't see their shadows. I can't wait to see who they are and how they are like. 4 people sharing one bathroom now.

1 wrote a note:

Anonymous said...

A night full of mosquitos: My hands got red spots already.
23 January 2011 - 10.05pm

so many people sharing your toilet now. must wake up real early or else or right? tonight mivo giving me hard time. very pressure to watch the show. my eyeballs also follow the buffering videos non stop. No wonder these few nights I have sleepless nites. three days in a row already.

Tomorrow will be another new day and guess what I already know what's for lunch steam fish again la what else. Boring people will eat boring food. Still do not know my bp reading to date. But I know it wont be 160/90. hehe. I saw your ikan bakar tepanyaki makes me feel hungry only. Here don't have that menu even though they have tepanyaki at The Spring.

Mivo continue to buffer non stop. Don't they ever get tired? got the iuk iuk funny sound somemore. weird.

By now maybe you have already off line and read something.

Good night sleep tight and have wonderful dreams but remember to wake up early to book the toilet.

End with lots of mosquitos nites.