Saturday, November 05, 2016

Highlight of the weekend - Ouija: Origin of Evil

Week by week passes by at the speed of light. Another Saturday is here but, with the initial weekend plan changed. Hopefully this change will be an interesting one.

To be honest, I am slightly lazy right now to get ready to head out due to the rain. Such weather should be spent in the dreamland, recharging the week's worth of energy drained in the office. It's tempting but has its side effect which is worse than spending the rainy day outside.

I don't want MONDAY to be here so soon without my realising it.

Back to the changed plan. I have been waiting for Ouija: Origin of Evil and it's finally out in the theatres. Can't wait!

The rain seems to have stopped now. Better get ready before my head decides to touch the pillow again.

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