Tuesday, November 08, 2016

From porridge to KFC to end the Blue Monday

Started yesterday with a bowl of porridge to warm my hungry stomach on this cold, rainy day. If I did not spend some time to take a picture, the porridge would have been steaming hot. 

I am hungry all over again looking at this. 

Lunch selection was just okay. Not as good as breakfast. You can imagine what kind of variety was available based on my house. 

MAGGI! This is a favourite whenever there is nothing else good to eat. 

The taste was quite good but if you didn't get past the fact that it's instant noodles...  

Who would have thought dinner would be a surprise? Thanks to Tasphorn who decided to head out so I got to pamper/spoil my stomach with some KFC. Not Korean Fried Chicken but the original 'Finger Lickin' Good' Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Snacker box including fries, cheesy wedges (absolute yum), a piece of chicken plus carbonated drink for RM8.95.

We also had some desserts.

Chocolate lava cake and lemon tiramisu, each at RM3.90. 
Thank you for the wonderful treat, Tasphorn! 😘

Tuesday, 8 November 2016
Was running late today so I only managed to have two glasses of water. Might snack on something later.

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