Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Masquerade 80's @ Pelangi Ballroom - Golden Sands Resort's Annual Dinner 2016

What a lovely evening! Had my share of good food and beer and the best thing to do now is to lie in bed and doze off to wonderland. 

Cheers, it's Phantom of the Opera night. 

Oh, the mask met another feathery, glamourous looking friend.  

These two masks have been abandoned by their owners so Jamie and I adopted them.  

Me, Shidah and Jamie before the Masquerade Night starts. 

Of course, we have to selfie before the lipsticks disappear. 


Everyone waiting in anticipation for the opening and without a doubt, the FOOD! 

Who is that guy who seemingly posed for my shot? Hmm....

If you work at where I am, the MC will never be a surprise. Every year, the same jokes, the same Michelle Goh. I didn't get a shot of her but you can Google her up. She's real funny but I got used to her humour as years go by. 

Department heads' opening performance

The best part about working in hospitality industry: everyone is sporting enough to perform on stage just like how we love delighting guests off stage. 

The top management performed a sexy number, "Lady Marmalade". I could still hear the tune ringing in my ears. I enjoyed all the performances, good or bad. Kudos to the operations teams for putting up such great performances! I left early therefore unable to announce the result of the winning team for Talent Time.

Oh yes, where are my manners? I need to show the real highlight of the evening. 

My main point to any party. Always. 

Caption? Some meat, fish, chicken, prawns and pasta. There was some coleslaw below the prawns too.  

Here's a funny picture of the HM being splashed before the event. 

This is splash zone of revenge! Ha ha ha!!! Stay away if you do not want to be hit by merciless water balloons. 

Speaking of games, we played Bingo during the dinner. I love their creativity in making a formal dinner so exciting. 

Definitely looking to the next party.

Coincidentally, it's Rasa Sayang's 43rd birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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