Monday, November 21, 2016

Taiwan - Day 6

Morning call was a half an hour late today for a relaxing itinerary.

And I only woke up at 7:40am. The slumber was too deep. 

So what's for breakfast at Golden Pacific Hotel?

Rice with minced pork. The only thing I was interested in. 

The interior of the restaurant

Bought a magic scarf at NTD100 outside the hotel. 

I have a cardigan transformed from the scarf.
Pearl Gallery (真主管)

First stop to another shopping place to look and possibly buy some pearl powders. 

Michelle Obama wearing the same pearl necklace sold here

I wonder if this is made from real pearl

I want this rabbit!

We were introduced to the benefits of peal powder in another separate room. Another opportunity to gain some knowledge. 

We did not buy any. :P

Fo Guang Shan Monastery (火光山)

A huge monastery in Kaohsiung. 

Photo to prove I have been here  

It's a huge monastery but I am on one spot relaxing under the umbrella. 

Time for lunch. It's an all-fish meal at 味香山海店. Yum!

Steamed mince fish with a little pork

Fried fish with a slight sourish taste. Nice! 


Fish rolls

Fish in bean sauce. Looked like tofu. 

Deep fried fish. Looked like Shilin fired chicken. 

And the best of all...

Fish and clam soup

The soup had that natural sweetness which made me took three bowls. 

On the way to E-DA World, we passed by some pineapples. 

Who lives in the pineapple under the dirt?  

E-DA World (義大遊樂世界)

E-DA is a Greek-themed entertainment park.

I passed this. I am getting too old for rides like this. 

The Ship of Souls

Mini Santorini

Colour Fish. The fishes were coloured by children before they were scanned and animated on the screen. 

Muscle Man

Water park

Trojan horse

Roller coaster ride in the dark

Pineapple in abundance from the top of the theme park. 

The theme park by night. This is 6pm in Taiwan. The sun sets here early. 

After playing five rides, I had dinner at E-DA Shopping Mall for dinner. 

Spaghetti bolognese at NTD138

Sweet dessert at NTD70

Xin Jue Jiang Shopping District (新掘江商場

Fishing machines at the night market

This was the smallest night market compared to all those that we went to in Taiwan. 

This tour is coming to an end. I will miss Taiwan but I miss Malaysia more. Hahaha...

Tomorrow will be airport day. Will try to come up with a post if there is anything interesting happening along the journey back to Malaysia.

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