Saturday, November 05, 2016

Kinda a summary of what we did today

Finally I am home after the whole day of fun at the mysterious place yet to be revealed.

Still couldn't guess the place right? Okay, I have decided to be kind and reveal the identity of the place.


So here is a couple of tickets for Ouija at TGV Gurney Paragon. I only like the seats there as they are more velvety and won't make my hands and feet sweat.

I have mentioned briefly in the previous post about the movie and how I enjoyed the suspense throughout. A simple action such as doors being opened and shut abruptly nearly made me jumped off my seat. Just imagine the level of intensity the scriptwriters and director have put into the story for an engaging cinematic experience. Well thought off, really. 

However, we were not really lucky with the bunch of crowd who were in the same cinema as us. They freaked out at the slightest motion on the screen even when there was nothing to scream about. 

Speaking of screaming, watching horror movies can actually make you lose some calories; about 20 cal every 10 minutes of screen time. Make sure you scream to shake the 20 calories off. I think it will not make any difference - you will gain instead - if you are chomping on rich caramel popcorns. Best to do it on food-free days. 

Prior to the movie, we hung out at the plaza and found this exciting place which would transport you back to old Penang. 

Days without computers and printers when posters are all hand-drawn. Technology has ruined creativity to some extent, don't you agree? No doubt it has brought us great convenience in our current lifestyles.

A food festival is about to be held here on the 6th floor of Gurney Paragon on 19 and 20 November 2016. Do mark your calendars! 

We did some touristy shots too. 

Pretty interesting, right? Do come by and visit! 

Dinner - Korean Fried Chicken

I have always been a fan of KFC so anything that goes by this initial will capture my attention. 


Salivating dinner for two. We are the poor sisters hence, a bowl of rice is enough for our economic stomachs. :D :D :D

The chickens were a mix of two different flavours; red chilli which was quite spicy but I love it and soy garlic, mellow but perfectly marinated.

Thanks to Eunice for introducing this place. Will come again when my pocket feels rich. 

It's past 12 midnight and my mind is still active. Fingers still smell of KFC. I better get rid of the fragrance before I lose my fingers to the ants before dawn. 

Good night!

2 wrote a note:

Vonn said...

Well written although I have almost forgotten the days when you did blogging.

After looking at the pictures of the fried chicken, my mind went back to September 2015 and that was more than a year ago and the answer is yess.. I remembered having Korean Fried Chicken at 1Utama for lunch with family and a friend.

Waiting for your another post soon..

Fiona said...

What flavour did you have? I will blog more often.