Thursday, November 17, 2016

Taiwan - Day 1

The long awaited holiday is finally here. The first day is basically spent on getting to Taipei from Ipoh. 

Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur

We gathered at Ipoh Downtown Hotel with the rest of group before departing for KLIA at 2am.

Selfie with grandma, mom and sis while waiting for full attendance. 

Soon it was time to leave. 
Some of our luggage

The four wheels taking us to the airport

I was beginning to feel sleepy as soon as I stepped into the bus but the briefing by the tour leader kept me awake somehow. Quite interesting to hear about the programmes planned for the next few days. 

I drifted off to sleep soon after and it seemed like just a moment later that we were awoken for a toilet break at Tanjung Malim. I was expecting another session of briefing about the flight arrangement later on, but the lights were off and I gladly went back to sleep. 

Moments later, I felt the glare of the overhead lights and we were finally reaching KLIA. Richelle, our tour leader shared the details of our flight to firstly Hong Kong and then transit to Taipei 55 minutes later. 

Richelle, our pretty tour leader

It was still before 6am when we reached the departure area on the 5th floor. There was still about two hours before we were expected to be at the boarding gate. We headed to the McD for breakfast.

Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong

The most anticipated part of a vacation is the flight experience. Being my first time on Cathay Pacific, I was blown away. Truly enjoyed the in-flight entertainment available. 

So many movies and TV shows to choose from! 

I chose to watch "Ghostbusters (2016)" but fell asleep about half an hour later. I only woke up when it was time for breakfast at approximately 10:30am.

Just look at how my tummy was being pampered. How could I go back to flight without meals again?

Clockwise from top: Bottled water, plastic cup, apple juice on request, strawberry yoghurt, bun, rice with Cantonese style chicken, fruits, strawberry jam and butter

I love the yoghurt so much that I had two portions. Thanks to mom for sponsoring her share to me. 

Yummy goodness!

I also requested for a blanket and snuggled under it, getting warm and so comfortable whilst continuing with some movie and music till we landed in Hong Kong. 

Richelle issued us our boarding pass to Taipei upon arrival to our transit airport. 

I have a couple of CX tickets to be added to my bookmark collection now. 

Spying on someone else's movie

The end of my first in-flight entertainment for now. 

Hong Kong to Taipei

It was a brief transit and soon we are up in the air again for another an hour and a half. 

In-flight entertainment looked years older. 

Although the screen is touchable, they are quite insensitive so the buttons helped a lot. 

Once again, I fell asleep watching a classic Chinese comedy starring Stephen  Chow, "The Lucky Guy".  I was awoken by the stewardess to this. 

Some snacks for such a short flight period. They are delicious. 


Finally arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. 

What a welcoming sight with this artistic architectural ceiling towards the Immigration. 

After more than an hour's queuing up to get past the immigration, we touched base with our local tour guide, 小陈. 

Our transportation for the next six days with cute pandas 

小陈 and Richelle updating us on the order of our trip

We went to Taipei 101 for dinner after being stuck in the traffic jam for some time. We were given 1.5 hours. 

Taipei 101 by night

My pampered stomach began to warn me not to stuff anymore food so I only had a bowl of red bean soup with glutinous rice balls. 

NTD 55, about RM7.70 after conversion

After dinner, we still have about 45 minutes before regrouping so we spent some time at The Market Place. 

The biggest rose apples I have ever seen

Colourful pillars outside the mall

We checked into Uinn Hotel for the night. 

Cool room with a jacuzzi

A small patio with motion sensor light

The toilet amenities provided were quite unbelievable for a 4-star hotel like this

Too bad we will be staying here for only a night. 

Looking forward to Day 2!

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