Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of Johnny's and Michelangelo's

Have you had food from three different cultures in the same day? I had mamak food for breakfast, Thai for lunch and Italian for dinner.

I love my life today. I mean I love it every day but just a little bit more today.


I was at Johnny's!

I ordered pineapple fried rice which came in a set with tomyam soup and Thai tea. I love the texture of the rice.

Dessert. Ice-cream, something that had not eaten in a long time.

We had a Father's Day celebration in advance and the venue we have selected is Michelangelo! They serve the best pizzas in Ipoh.


The Hog mix Margarita. Bacons, bacons, bacons!! Super yummy!

Hawaiian pizza

Everyone should go to Michelangelo's for good pizzas. I will definitely go there for another meal in future.

P.S. It's Thursday already! How time flies. Will be resuming class on Monday and it's also the commencement of group assignment. Feels weird to touch assignments again after passing up the individual ones.

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