Friday, June 11, 2010

Lunch at Sushi King

I have never really had a proper lunch at Sushi King and today was the first time I did. Met up with Wai Leng, Yim Leng and Su Ping for lunch after class and we had a great afternoon chatting and even made jokes about one man that we saw across the restaurant who kept scratching his face and hair. It was so disgusting.

Let's now take a look at the food that I ordered.

Black Pepper Dory Fish with Vege + Miso Soup + Steamed egg + Rice + Yakult (RM14.90)

A closer look

RM14.90 is a little expensive for a regular lunch but oh well, it's once in a while. I don't usually indulge so much for my meals. I think the set is worth it because it's tasty.

Two of my fishes died and now I only have the guppies left. I guess the small container is cursed. Whatever I rear in that container will surely die. I don't know why.

Next week is my mid-semester break! If only I have any plans to go anywhere. I guess I shall just stay home and continue my cross-stitching.

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Anonymous said...

no matter how delicious and nice the food is... does not attract me much cos i do not like sushi... got to go.. next time post something like nyonya dish maybe i can consider and try the food.