Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Valentine

This morning when I opened the fridge inside the pantry at the spa, I saw something so disgusting that some of you might even shudder at the sight of it. For me, I almost jumped when I saw it.

Are you ready?

You need to be mentally prepared to view this.

You sure you are ready?

I am going to reveal the picture now.



Please do not scream, okay?

Here it is.

SUPER DISGUSTING!!! I had no idea how the lizard went into the fridge and treated the plate like its home.

That was not all. As I looked closely, I saw that its belly was moving, increasing the rate of disgust that I had. IT WAS STILL ALIVE!! Goodness.

The lizard episode was over soon after and I did not follow up about its tragic ending. It was another boring day at the spa and the weather was crazily humid today just like the past few days.

Thank God CNY is over so I think the good weather will be here soon!

Before I forget, Happy Chinese Valentine, everyone! I went to Esplanade (initially I thought it was X Planet as mentioned by Cecilia - homonyms can be so confusing at times!) with Cecilia after work with the sole intention to see the lion dance but due to the drizzle, it was postponed to don't know when. Maybe after the fireworks?

We toured for a few times around that area looking for a parking lot. In the end, she parked on the yellow line. Good thing no summon was issued.

Below are pictures snapped from the event.

The clock tower mentioned by mom. This picture was snapped inside the moving car.

I was not satisfied since I could not get a clear picture so I tried and tried snapping again and again.

Another shot. Better?

Tried the night mode and the lights looked so colourful. Somehow distracting though.

Another night mode shot.

Normal mode. This was the best I could get.

I finally gave up and proceeded to the field.

Picture in picture. Me snapping Cecilia snapping picture.

When we reached, we had to use the umbrella as it was slightly drizzling. Then something captured our gaze.

This guy had such long dreadlocks. Wow!

The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng giving his speech.

Meanwhile, my eyes were roaming everywhere looking at the surroundings. It was not as crowded as I thought it would be. Where were the Penangites?

The MPPP building fully lighted!

So beautiful! Wow! Cecilia snapped many pictures of this.

The food fair was still available so we went to see what were there to eat.

This stall sells wanton noodles.

Cecilia bought some popiah and she halved it with me and then I saw my favourite stall.


That's a lion and a giraffe on the plastic cup. What a cute cup.

Brought to you by EC Safari. The cup landed in the dustbin soon after I had consumed the bubble milk tea. The whole Safari team got thrown away by me. So sad.

We were very excited when we thought that the lion dance was about to start since the team seemed to be setting up the props.

We stood at a strategic spot and waited.

And waited.

And nothing happened.

And we finally realised.

They were not setting up. They were actually covering the prop so that if there were to be any rain, it would not get wet. What a disappointment. :(

Poor Cecilia didn't get to see her lion dance after all.

Another food stall that sells chestnuts and peanuts. In short, the nutty stalls.

The price looked as though it was made from car number plates. Interesting indeed.

We strolled after the no-lion-dance-realisation and saw a backdrop where people queue up to snap photos. I was too lazy to queue up but at the same time wanting to snap a photo of the backdrop so this was what I did.

I just snapped the backdrop with anybody posing in front of it. Solved my problem of waiting for my turn. Saved me lots of time too!

Some guys wearing colourful lighted up Minnie bow hairbands! They looked really awkward. Hahaha!!!

An array of designs and colours to choose from.

They had horns one too! Oh, by the way, I asked her to pose for the picture. This was not a candid.

I also recorded a short video of the performances.

Look at the people all paying attention to the performance while at the same time waiting for the lion dance to start.

Cecilia and I could not wait any longer so we went home shortly after 9. It was great fun although we missed the dance, wasn't it?

Another thing that I missed was the tangerine tossing event. I really wanted to see how it was done. Too bad. Maybe another year. :P

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