Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Today is my very first birthday out of hometown. I can't believe I am now twenty plus three. Time indeed flies. For all the well wishes via phone, Facebook and Twitter, I thank you. I wish you guys all the best too.

Mom, I am missing you more than ever! Can't wait to be back home and celebrate CNY with you!

Pui Yun, thank you for your sweet call last night. Many hugs and kisses back to you!

So here it is. 23, what do you have in store for me?

Today is also the first birthday when I have to work. It is a seemingly ordinary day but special in its own way. :)

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Anonymous said...

Gloomy day but it is a happy day

Streamyx line is still not okay at all. I hope it wont take forever to be repaired. I have been wondering where the problem is. God I pray please restore the streamyx line again soon and let everything be okay and the line as smooth as before again. Thank you God for answering all my prayers.

Waiting for 11 pm again where I can message you. But then when the clock strikes 12 am this time your birdthday will be over and it will be Feb 2. Have to wait for another year before I can wish you again.

I did not cook today and I do not know what to eat for dinner. Maybe will just make some hot milo and eat it with biscuits. But then out there the jam will be terrible. To reach a destinantion there will be a long long queue. Wish I can have the peta ajaib again. Always dreaming about peta ajaib.

Just now when I was talking to one of the person in charge of the technical critical site my heart suddenly beat so fast. Could it be my bp went up to 180/90 but then if that was the reading I won't be here. Would be in pi poo pi poo car already.

Better stop typing now and hunt for food before 6pm

Take care always and Happy Birthday again!!

End with a rainy weather.