Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lou Sang!

Last night, I went to the Young Adult Cell at Pastor Jenny's home and I had a jolly good food and time.

Pastor Jenny had googled up a yu sang recipe and it was a success! It was a practical recipe.

When all the ingredients are put together in a large plate.

With the sauce, coriander and sesame seeds added.

It was delicious! I can only eat coriander mixed in yu sang. Other than that, I will NEVER EVER touch that herb.

I got to know some new friends from the gathering and when it was over, I realised it would be my second night in Ipoh. Soon, I will be back in Penang for training once again.

This morning, Crystle got her daily supplement of CNY cookies. Today's plate was richer with cookies. I gave her more kuih bangkit because they seemed to be her favourite.

Do these look like food for dogs? They certainly don't.

P.S. Went to college this morning to collect the result slip from previous semester and I don't know why the system is still as bad. Even the staff had no idea what she was supposed to print out. Sigh.

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