Saturday, February 19, 2011

A date with Cecilia over two glasses of Iced Lemon Tea

Business is picking up at the spa. For the past few days, I feel very sleepy at work because no guest means there is nothing for the reception to do. Tomorrow is my off day but I volunteered to help out in banqueting from 3-11pm tomorrow. :D

Looking at the Petfinder website again and saw another new puppy being put up for adoption. This time, let's meet Pixie, the Spitz mix.

She looks so much like Crystle with the dirty patch on her head. Not that Crystle has a patch like that permanently but she gets it occasionally when she crawls under the car or bike out of naughtiness.

She is 6 months old. We are still looking for a potential pet dog. Will it be Pixie? Who knows?


Later in the evening just now, Cecilia messaged me in Facebook chat asking me out for dinner. I already had dinner at the hotel so I tagged along for a glass of iced lemon tea. Initially I thought I would be home in less than half an hour but we could chat a lot. I love talking to her. She understands my feelings. I guess maturity is the factor. When you talk to someone less immature than you, you really feel like giving them a tight slap in the face. Wish I could do that to someone right now. Kakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delicious glass of iced lemon tea.

For the time being, everything in Penang is yummy to me.

Got nothing better to do because Cecilia was speaking over the phone with her long lost friend so I played with the straw.

Cecilia playing with her food. Naughty naughty!!

As it was a roadside stall, Kak Ummi did not have a proper built-in sink.

They only have this.

Very innovative right?

After dinner, I got myself an ice-cream from Seven Eleven. I didn't know there was a Kit Kat flavour.

With a bar of Kit Kat in the middle. Me ♥ it! RM2.80.

The Kit Kat bar. Can you see it?

Thanks for fetching me out, Cecilia! We shall hang out more when Kah Men is here. :)

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